“The Wonders of Water II” Photo Contest

March 19, 2012 /Photography NewsWithout doubt water is our most precious resource. In addition to being a life giving force, water can also supply us with joy and laughter. Water can express and represent many wonders including peace, tranquility, power and strength. Sometimes it can exude an air of mystery and lend itself to awe. TeraBella Media is most interested in viewing images that display the relationship between Humankind and water as well as images that reveal the qualities of this precious resource.


Contest is open to all individuals 18 years and older, worldwide. 

Black and white and/or color images will be accepted. The images of water may be represented in all of its forms: liquid, solid (ice) or gaseous states.


First Place: $500 (USD) cash prize
Second Place: $200 (USD) cash prize
Third Place: $100 (USD) cash prize
Three (3) honorable mentions will also be chosen.

Entry fees:

$20 (USD) for first 4 images (up to 8 image entries may be submitted for additional fees)

Deadline: April 15, 2012 (11:59PM CST)

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