5 Reasons Why to Print Your Photos to Canvas

August 6, 2012 /Photography News/ Canvas prints are fast becoming the most popular kind of wall decor, and one of the most common questions one asks before deciding whether or not to print on canvas is what are the differences and benefits of canvas printing in relation to the traditional matte and frame printing. If you too have the same question, the following 5 reasons will help you understand why you should give canvas printing a try.

Canvas prints make perfect gifts 
If you're looking for new personalised gift ideas, canvas prints will definitely add a touch of uniqueness to one's home or office. Perfect for any ocasion, printing on canvas helps turn your favourite pictures into wonderful wall art that can pass down through your family through the years.

Cost effective
The traditional method of printing on paper requires matting and expensive framing, and when you're looking at larger format prints this can cost a small fortune. Canvas printing offers you the most cost-effective way of printing your photos in any preferred size.

No glare or reflections
Traditional paper prints need to rest behind a sheet of glass which in a bright room often exhibit glare or reflection, making sometimes the photo impossible to view. With a canvas print the end result is a work of art that is unobstructed by a layer of reflective glass, offering you the flexibility of positioning it without the need for specific lighting.

Largest image size for a given wall space 
The beauty of canvas prints is that you can get any size you choose  to fit your home or office, making it a versatile choice for wall decor.

Less weight
Canvas prints are far lighter than traditionally framed prints, especially in the larger sizes, being easier to transport and to hang.

Blending well into any style decor in home or office, canvas printing is becoming widespread, making your favourite pictures be both a wonderful gift idea, or just a great addition to any contemporary interior design.  And with's high quality canvas prints at great value prices, the Olympics 2012 Summer Sale now on and the free UK delivery on all orders, you're in for a treat.


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