Stuck Between the Tracks. A Photo Essay by Muhammed Furqan

Mareerr Hassan Slum in Rawalpindi

August 10, 2012 /Photography News/ Between two rail tracks near Rawalpindi railway station in Pakistan lies a 35 years old slum called ‘‘Mareerr Hassan Basti’’ named after a square nearby. With a population of 1000, about 80 families live in government land between the two tracks. With absence of basic facilities like health, education, hygiene and drinking water, one is left in awe to see the living conditions these families live in. The families living here belong to ‘‘Od’’ community who make their living by begging, day labouring, and even prostitution. 

Photos and text: Muhammed Furqan. All rights reserved.

About 50 trains pass through the two railway lines which run parallel to the slum
A sewerage system is non-existent and litter fills the pathways
Traditionally, Od men spend most time at home taking care of children as women go out to beg
With no schools in the slum, children spend most of their time in the playground nearby
These slum kids have no future other than beggary or even crime
An Od woman preparing lunch for the family
The residents of the slum live in constant fear of city municipal authorities who tear up their tents in a drive to ‘‘clean up the city’’
Meals are prepared for multiple families at once
In case of rain, the slum is literally filled with rain water
Residents tell its difficult to even walk  in case of heavy rains
A train passing by the slum
Another view of the slum


  1. Unknown says

    Part of the solution is your documentation, you did a great job with the photography and the editorial. I hope the government or other organizations intervene and offer help, this is very sad.

    Anonymous says

    Great documentation! Keep up the work, these people are in our prayers.

    Nancy de Flon says

    Very powerful, moving work. I pray that it has some effect.

    carlo saroni says

    a very sad story, beautifully said in pictures.

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