Twisted Flesh. A Photo Essay by Marius Budu

September 7, 2012 /Photography News/ Twisted Flesh is both a psychological experiment and visual attempt to gain some insight into our physical form as an entity in and of itself as well as our relationship with it. Our body is the one thing we most easily and readily identify with. Although we subconsciously interpret body language while interacting with others, we seldom solely rely on it to understand what is being conveyed to us. Usually, during conversation we look for the face, the eyes to be more specific - so that we can properly communicate with the other person. Twisted Flesh takes away that option and forces the viewer to examine the uniquely faceless flesh in order to understand what the images are conveying.

Each Twisted Flesh piece tells its own story. They challenge the viewer in a unique way and beckon them to explore the intricacy and variety of relationships to our physical selves that each one of us embodies.

Photos & text: Marius Budu. All rights reserved.

Photo © Marius Budu
Photo © Marius Budu
Photo © Marius Budu
Photo © Marius Budu
Photo © Marius Budu
Photo © Marius Budu
Photo © Marius Budu
Photo © Marius Budu
Photo © Marius Budu
Photo © Marius Budu
Project Launch Exhibition Details:

Timisoara Museum of Fine Art
Piata Unirii nr. 1
Timisoara, Romania
Exhibition dates: September 28 – October 12, 2012
Opening: September 28, 2012 @ 6:00PM

The exhibition will start at the Timisoara Museum of Fine Art after which it will travel to a few other cities in Romania, Western Europe, Canada and the United States.

About the photographer:

Marius Budu is a visual artist working with photography and digital art. His stunning way of expressing the essence of the human condition has captured tens of thousands of art lovers worldwide. This has ensured him exhibitions at galleries in countries like Canada, The United States, Denmark and Romania as well as massive praise from cultural websites and art communities alike.


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  1. shams says

    Fantastic works marius.....overwhelmed.

    Mark Eaton says

    Very creative work!

    Marius Budu says

    Thank you Shams and Mark! It is wonderful to finally be able to release this project after 6 years of working on it.

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