2012 "My Ride" Photo Contest

Photo: Laurie McCormick

October 26, 2012 /Photography News/ In today’s world transportation is paramount to our survival. It can be crucial in getting us from one place to another. Our mode of transportation can also reveal much about ourselves. An individual is often defined by their car, truck, bus or even their horse. PictureCompete invites all photographers to submit images that display their own interesting interpretation of forms of transportation.


• First Place: $150 (USD)
• Second Place: $75 (USD)
• Third Place: $50 (USD)

All winners will receive:

• Winner's gallery exhibition
• Social media exposure
• PictureCompete™ newsletter exposure


Contest is open to all individuals 18 years and older. All countries accepted. This competition is open to both professional and non-professionals. 

Deadline: December 2, 2012


  1. Anonymous says

    I went to sign on and enter the "My Ride" competition, but the uploads were named "Aging" as in "Upload Aging Photo #1"

    Repeated typos, or would the photos be uploaded into the wrong competition?

    PictureCompete says

    Not to worry....simply a typo....images are definitely entered in the "My Ride" competition!

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