CAP, the pinhole camera made from recycled paper

January 19, 2013 /Photography News/ Paper is a biodegradable material and - according to - two students at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design turned green and used their talent to create a pinhole camera from recycled paper and presented it at one of the past Annual show held by their university. 

Created by Amos Woo and Sharon Ng, the CAP is a pinhole camera which uses recycled paper to make its body and the skeleton. This project aims to remind people about the need to pay attention to the Earth’s resources. "We want people to be impressed with the possibility of paper molding by making a pinhole camera. We designed (the camera) to use the most simple mechanism in taking pictures," say Amos and Sharon.

"We also designed a joint for the camera to adapt to plastic bottles selling on the market as a tripod for the long exposure of photos. This came from our own experiences as pinhole camera users. We believe this can really help users as they can have a tripod easily from the plastic bottle from their hand," they added.


  1. Anonymous says

    I really like the idea epspecially the earthy design and that it is all made from recycled materials. Is there any more views of the cameras or how they and loaded and operated?

    Chuck Flagg- Pinhole Photographer

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