"Abandoned" photo contest winners announced

March 28, 2013 /Photography News/ The Finalists have been chosen! PictureCompete is pleased to present the following winning entrants in the 2013 "Abandoned" call for entry:

First Place: Gregoire Cachemaille , "Untitled"

First Place: Gregoire Cachemaille , "Untitled"

Second Place: Alanna St.Laurent, "Church Fog"

Third Place: Gina Soden, "Blue Orphanage"

Honorable Mentions: 
  • Dianne English 
  • Nicoleta Raluca 
  • JP Terlizzi

Judge’s Statement: 

The winning entries were very unique in their presentation of abandoned  structures and objects. The use of color to compensation for any  feelings of desertion in some of the images was well played by the  photographers. The buildings portrayed are somewhat strangely appealing  to the viewer as they arouse our interests and curiosities. The empty  suitcase is the perfect symbol of what is left behind and abandoned. In  contrast the two images displayed in black and white exhibit the  austerity and emptiness of abandonment. We congratulate the finalists  and express thanks to all participants!

View the winning images:

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  1. TeraBella Media says

    Congratulations to the finalists and thank you to all participants!

    Gina Soden says

    Fantastic! Nice to come third. I think first place was a great image of a fantastic location, quite funny too as I have been to the same place last year and about 3 weeks ago.

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