The Craft Camera, a DIY digital cardboard camera

March 4, 2013 /Photography News/ Do you want to try your hand at making your own digital camera? Photographer Coralie Gourguechon has come up with the Craft Camera, a DIY digital camera that consists of a simple cardboard body and a low-cost electronic system from Arduino

The Craft Camera has been developed by Coralie Gourguechon as part of a personal project graduation in Product Design, on the thema "Low-Tech VS Hi-Tech".

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  1. sok says

    Looking forward to the first digital pin-hole camera... :-)

    158 says

    Foarte tare!

    bill.e.goat says

    Are there plans for this little guy?

    Marry Jessi says

    I must make that you have told Which is not only me but also for all. I definitely agree with you that you have told about The Craft Camera, a DIY digital cardboard camera which is really well point for me as well.

    Devid khan

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