Beyoncé's unflattering photos lead to pro photographers ban on new tour

April 23, 2013 /Photography News/ After a number of unflattering photos of Beyoncé's Superbowl performance went viral online earlier in 2013, the superstar has reportedly banned photographers from attending her Mrs. Carter Show world tour, and will supply "pre-approved images" to the media after each show.

Beyoncé The Mrs. Carter Show 2013 World Tour guidelines for Photographers (via Music Photographers):

Noam Galai of Fstoppers writes that this policy may actually backfire on Beyonce and her publicist:

"[...] we all know how media works – they will do anything possible to get images that other publications don’t have. If they can’t send a photographer to give them original photos, the next best thing they can do is buy photos from fans in the front rows in the arena (cameras were not allowed, but no one can take away phones). It’s the next best thing for them, and a huge nightmare for Beyoncé and her publicist."

Beyoncé is hardly the first artist to heavily restrict photography at concerts. Recently the Yeah Yeah Yeahs asked people not to use their cellphones during gigs because it ruins the concert for people behind you, Bob Dylan doesn't allow photographs, and the Killers likewise have a ban. A few years back the Foo Fighters demanded rights to all images recorded by photographers at their concert. 


  1. Unknown says

    All the publications have to do is not run her photo. Who cares about her concert photos. I agree with Noam that this policy may also backfire on her.


    Anonymous says

    Like the photographer(s) has anything to do with the way she looks. Maybe she should utilize more photography to rehearse these poses out of her routine.

    Anonymous says

    Hahaha!!! So true!!

    Anonymous says

    You are who you are, no one should care about how they look to other people - with me the odd good photo makes up for all of the horrible ones.

    Anonymous says

    Garbage in, Garbage out.

    I don't understand why the press even cares about performers like this anyway.

    Anonymous says

    It just shows how vain and insecure people like this are, together with their epic failure in logic. What stops people with camera phones from taking the same types of photos? Better ban the audience from her concerts too!

    She could have chosen to laugh this whole thing off which would have been a much better way to handle the situation, or even gone one better and deliberately posed like this to make a joke of it. Instead she chose to alienate certain people all because of ego.

    I personally wouldn't waste my shutter actuations on her.

    Matt Wallach says

    A photograph is but a moment in time, sometimes people look their best and at other times not. I don't see a problem with the image above, it's an expression. I already know how beautiful she is...

    "It's All About The Image"

    sondai! says
    This comment has been removed by the author.

    sondai! says

    The issue stemmed from wanting all of the phones. Photographers self edit and select flattering shots but clients want it all. Because they thing they are a better judge of what looks good. Blah. As a photographer I would just stop shooting her all together, red carpets paparazzi all of it. See how the drought feels. It really isn't his fault she makes those faces...

    sondai! says


    Anonymous says

    what's so bad about personal expression. after all she's an artist and we all know she's smokin' hot. everyone is entitled to a goofy face every now and then.

    Neil S says

    To all the photographers who shoot these kinds of performers and to the media who run stories on her, if you want to maintain freedom of the press - I suggest a six month to one year ban on covering her. Prince too.

    Anonymous says

    I thought they photoshopped her face onto a female body builder and I didn't realize the guy flashing was actually part of the show? This is a really weird image and it's just my opinion but I would never choose this image for my top anything. It would be on the trash no doubt. No offense to the photographer but you may want to learn to edit yourself a little bit, especially with people like beyonce...if you haven't noticed shes kind of a diva. And no one cares about photographing bob Dylan. He's super old anyway

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