9 reasons to rent a virtual photo booth for your event

May 27, 2013 /Photography News/ You could be putting on a birthday party, a wedding, a school prom, or you could even organise a rather non-formal corporate event or conference. With one goal in mind - that of capturing only the best images possible - you may already have a professional photographer hired. But what can you do to make your event a bit different, to spice it up and take the boredom and stuffiness out of it, and at the same time to give guests the opportunity to enjoy, print or share via social media some of the photos taken during the event? We have the answer: virtual photo booths! 

And if you are throwing a party or organizing any other type of event in UK, or if you are particularly looking for a photo booth hire in Reading, here are 9 reasons to rent a virtual photo booth at

1. Customised backgrounds

Photo booth backgrounds don't have to be dull and boring. You can set the right scene for your photo booth by requesting either a pre-made or a configured to your personal needs background. With a bit of imagination, customised backgrounds can go from anything simple to anything else you can possibly think of.

2. Custom booth skins

The company also provides the option to choose the look of the photo booth that best fits your location and occasion. 

3. Other specs

The virtual photo booth runs a Canon 550D 18 Megapixel DSLR camera and a built in wide-angle Logitech 1080p HD video camera. It also runs on a custom designed Apple Mac software fully integrated within the booth with a built in touch screen.

4. Instant printing

With the built-in printer of the virtual photo booth, printing your photos is a 9-second job only. You can decide wether you want them color or black and white. 

5. Online albums

Wether you decide to print your photos during the event or not, a password protected online album for you and your guests will be set up within 48 hours, allowing you to view and save these photos to your computer. 

6. DVDs and memory sticks

If online photo albums are not your cup of tea, you can opt out for receiving all your photos and videos on a DVD or a memory stick at the end of the event. The memory stick - if you choose this is the way you want your photos to be handed out - is yours to keep. 

7. Facebook integration

If your guests are more the social media type of people (and who isn't these days?), there is also an option to have your photos uploaded directly to Facebook, where you can tag your guests and share the photos effortlessly. 

8. Cool props

The virtual photo booth comes with a ton of funny props like glasses and hats to add some extra fun to the photobooth experience.

9. Remember: It's all about fun!

While not replacing a professional photographer, a photo booth is a great way to get your guests into a partying spirit and capture the moments that they will enjoy.

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