"Our Landscape: The Trees" photo contest winners announced

Photo: Laurie McCormick
June 29, 2013 /Photography News/ We are very pleased to present the finalists in TBM “Our Landscape: The Trees.” Due to the number of talented entries the judges have selected 12 entries to be named as winners.

First Place: Laurie McCormick - “Reflective Trees”
Second Place: Geoffrey Agrons - “Forest”
Third Place: Scott Hoyle - “Seventy Poplars”

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order):
  • Deb Cochrane - “Sleeping Beauty”
  • Ivona Gonzi - “Lonesome Winter Tree”
  • Dave Johns - “Farmhouse Tree”
  • Kevin Shi - “Morning”

Merit Winners (in alphabetical order):
  • Dianne English - “Wintry Night”
  • Pauli Haanpaa - “Wonderland”
  • Brian Schneider - “Lone Pine”
  • Stephen Weissberger - “Untitled”
  • Terry Wild - “Williams Port PA. City Tree”

Judges’ Statement: 

There were several “themes” associated with the entries. The qualities of trees are found and echoed within our own human emotions and qualities. The images “Reflective Trees” by Laurie McCormick and “Wonderland” by Pauli Haanpaa both represent the peace, tranquility and joy trees can generate. With “Forest” by Geoffrey Agrons and “Wintry Night” by Dianne English the mysterious, supernatural effect takes hold. With “Seventy Poplars” by Scott Hoyle our lives are given a sense of order through an almost architectural view of trees. Kevin Shi’s “Morning” brings us color to light a drab background and brighten our lives. Reliability, stability and the promise of consistency is exemplified in both “Sleeping Beauty” by Deb Cochrane and “Farmhouse Tree” by David Johns. The images “Lone Pine” by Brian Schneider and “untitled” by Stephen Weissberger depict strength to persevere even under conditions that are not always ideal. Ivona Gonzi’s “Lonesome Winter Tree”and Terry Wild’s “Williams Port PA. City Tree” both illustrate future struggles and obstacles that must be overcome.

It was a pleasure and an adventure to be a part of this competition and view all of the entries. We congratulate the finalists and thank all who participated!

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