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June 16, 2013 /Photography News/ Last month's winner and runner-up in the Life Framer – “A Human Touch” photography competition were selected by guest judge Julia Fullerton-Batten (PDN, WPO, Hasselblad award, Rennaissance).

Winner: Anna di Prospero

Julia's comments: The winning image is very striking. Through the capture of the mother’s hands covering her daughter’s hands to protect her from seeing something unpleasant we get a great sense of the powerful love that they share. We sense that the mother will continue to do this throughout her daughter’s life. The image truly conveys great sensitivity and intimacy, which is not always easy to capture. A wonderfully evocative image – HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS!

Runner-up: Miska Draskoczy

Julia's comments: This image really caught my eye and captured my imagination. It contains many different stories. What are they doing there? Why? Have they thrown ashes of a loved one into the waters or are they just looking at fish swimming?

I like their body positions, they are very wary and stand safely well back from the edge of the quay, but are all very curious about what is going on below. Their colorful modern clothes and a boxed recent purchase against a backdrop of an ancient city artfully contrasts modern day consumerism with past splendors.

Julia also selected 8 others shortlisted pictures that we invite you to discover on our online gallery:

Many thanks to everyone who entered last month contest. It was a very tough competition with a lot of interesting and creative photography. The Life Framer team is very grateful to every one who trusted and took part in the contest. If you missed out or want to enter again this month theme (“A journey”) head to The Life Framer website. 

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