D-CAN: A futuristic cylindrical camera

October 10, 2013 /Photography News/ Why do our cameras all resemble a box with a lens on the front? The answer is film. 

Due to digital technology, photo-taking and video-recording practices have been revolutionized, however there are no significant changes in digital camera body design. And that’s where the D-CAN comes in, with its telescope-shaped body.

Featuring a cylinder form factor, the D-CAN is said to be ergonomically better for the hand, and significantly reduces volume will still providing all the finite controls professional photographers are used to.

Whether it is the right shape or not, we’ll probably need to try one out before we can come to a conclusion though it’s definitely something to think about.


  1. Sam Weiner says

    Reminds me of Canon Epoca

    Ed Bierman says

    It is great that people are questioning the "shape" of objects that have been based on technologies we don't use anymore.. is there a better way to do it.. of course there would be a lot of resistance to change when a shape is so well established

    Anonymous says

    great idea, bring it on - it would certainly be easier to slip into a coat pocket or a camera bag... when can I have one please?

    Anonymous says

    I will stick with the tried and true. That design would not be comfortable to hold for several hours. Or one hand shooting holding it up above the crowds to get a shot.

    Anonymous says

    I think left hand should be kept under the lens to achieve more stabilized hold of the camera. That fellow in the picture holds the camera like many beginners do. And the orientation of his hand would propably cause shading in wide angle setting... also there's no lens hood btw.

    And where are wheels controlling aperture and shutterspeed located? I don't see any function buttons for switching AF/MF for example.

    Having to use a switch to get into playback mode would be very cumbersome and slow.

    I bet this camera is not designed for "expert" use contrary to designers claim...

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