How to make a pinhole camera from concrete

October 19, 2013 /Photography News/ If you ever wanted to make your own pinhole camera but didn't know how, here is one tutorial that can help you make one from an unconventional material: concrete. 

Photography enthusiast Amuu has devised a plan to create a camera using a block of concrete, with a hole in it and a wooden shutter. The process requires the creation of a mold using laminated foam boards, then pouring concrete into it to cast the body of the camera.

The inside of the concrete box is then painted black to minimize light reflections. The pinhole itself is made by punching a hole in a soda can and gluing it into an opening in the concrete. A couple of small wood knobs are used to wind the film, and a plywood flap is used to open the shutter and let light through to the film.

The end result is a beautiful camera that works perfectly, and is something novel for people to make or own. See the steps of building the concrete pinhole camera below and head on over to Instructables for the complete build guide.

Step 1: Making the cast - part one

Step 2: Making the cast - part two

Step 3: Pouring the concrete
Step 4: De-mold & clean up

Step 5: Detailing & paint insides

Step 6: Make the pinhole

Step 7: Making the shutter cover & film winder

Step 8: Loading film


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    Paolo says

    Looks so simple till you get to the execution. A nice challenge for my next college assignment.

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