'My Home' photo contest - call for entries

Photo: Miles Morgan
October 16, 2013 /Photography News/ Home is different for each of  us. It can be a house, an apartment, a trailer or simply a room.  PictureCompete is seeking images that best depict the inside or outside  of the structures that provide us with shelter and protection.

Home should be our sanctuary and where we can be ourselves. Whether  grand or modest, old or new, our home is our haven. Each participant is  encouraged to present images that depict their individual view of home.(  Both inside and outside images of homes will be accepted.)

Cash prizes:

 • First Place:  $200 (USD)
 • Second Place: $75 (USD)
 • Third Place: $50 (USD)
Entry fee: $10.00 for four (4) image submissions

All winners will receive:

 • Winner's gallery exhibition
 • Social media exposure
 • PictureCompete™ newsletter exposure

Entry Deadline: November 25, 2013

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