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December 17, 2013 /Photography News/ This month's winner and runner-up were selected by guest judge Aaron Huey (National Geographic, World Press Photo).

Winner: Kris Arzadun

Winner: Kris Arzadun

Aaron's comments:

“The winning image is a strange one. That’s a good thing. I like strange. The world is annihilating the diversity of indigenous people, their cultures, and languages as fast as it can, preserving only the caricature of that original truth. I see that theme in my own work as I tell the stories of indigenous people all over the world.

This lonely apocalyptic image seems perfect, it is what remains after we have taken all we want. I don’t know their story, but they look sheltered and sad - a couple individuals alone despite being surrounded by billions. No comfort left, nothing more to look at on their smart phones, they have surrendered and stare blankly out at the destruction they have wrought.

That’s a fiction, but it’s what I see, and it’s symbolic of a greater truth happening every day.

I could see this piece opening up many kinds of stories from doc to fiction. The kind you print when you can only print one shot for a story. It’s good enough that it makes me want to write a story to go with it.”

Runner-up: Zhi Cheng

Runner-up: Zhi Cheng
Life Framer comments:

This image stood out as a culture shock: Asians – in this case - adopting the style of a traditional western wedding, and the model resolutely putting up with the bitter cold in the name of love, and beauty? It has an almost surreal quality to it.The image is perfectly framed and beautifully coloured. We can feel the movement, the rush and the blurring from the intense cold which gives it a kind of ethereal quality, while the red roadside hoardings bring you back to reality.Was Zhi part of the crew or just a passer by? We won’t know and it doesn’t matter anymore. Until death tears them apart.

Third position: Sangmin Yu

Third position: Sangmin Yu
Life Framer comments:

This images oozes warmth. The warm tones and soft focus help channel the atmosphere and you almost feel transported into the scene, eyes focussed on the ritual, just like everyone else. The shot captures a cultural moment, but leaves questions about what you’re actually witnessing. Like an unfinished story it brings an element of frustration and like all the best travel photography it leaves you wishing you could be there.

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    Beautiful images! Congratulations to the winners!

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