Photographer Spotlight: Terry Wild

Terry Wild, Self portrait
January 17, 2014 /Photography News/ TBM Photography Network is very pleased to announce its popular segment: "Photographer Spotlight.” In this part of their newsletter they will be interviewing various fellow photographers and learning more about what motivates them, what their goals are and what direction they wish to take with their art. This issue's "spotlight" is on photographer Terry Wild.

TBMPN: What best describes your particular style of photography?

TW: In addition to my commercial work, a variety of styles and disciplines appear in my images. My range is from landscapes, flora and nature studies to editorial topographic and sociological commentary. Additionally, I work at capturing personal moments with family and friends. I am currently 67 years of age and have been photographing since 1968.

Photo: Terry Wild
TBMPN: What equipment do you regularly use?

TW: I have always used Nikon and Hasselblad equipment. My current kit includes nothing more than a Nikon D4 with 3 lenses and a Nikon Coolpix 7700 that I employ for quieter, non-invasive moments and situations.

TBMPN: Who or what do you consider your major influences?

TW: One major influence is Robert Frank and his work “The Americans.” His images presented a wonderful new way of expressing everyday life. The work of Irving Penn, with his exquisite black and white, sculptural and honest portrait style, has also been influential. A third major influence was Harry Callahan who, with his highly personal expressive style, helped me to understand the meaning of bodies of work.

Photo: Terry Wild
TBMPN: Why did you choose photography as your method of expression?

TW: As an undergraduate I had “floundered” around as an English major. I discovered I was much more able to express myself through the use of a camera; therefore, I decided to pursue independent studies in photography. I was very impressed with Edward Hopper’s paintings and discovered that, for my work, the camera was the ideal means for approaching subject matter in his style.

TBMPN: What do you wish to accomplish with your photography?

TW: I wish to continue having the ability to see life in all its meanings and make images that may resonate with those that touch upon them.

Young Lovers. Photo: Terry Wild
TBMPN: What are your current projects?

TW: One current project is to continue building my digital image stock database. Another major project is to revisit my early work and find new life for those images that never had the opportunity to come to surface and be expressed.

TBMPN: What are your plans for future projects?

TW: I currently have an agent who is working with me to develop and produce very limited original silver halide portfolios from bodies of work dating to the 1970's and 1980's.

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