2014 Open Portfolio winners announced

February 10, 2014 /Photography News/ The 2014 Open Portfolio sponsor TBM is extremely excited to present this year’s winners.

First Place Winner: Yves Choquette

Second Place Winner: Jodi Champagne

Third Place Winner: Chloe Meynier

Honorable Mentions (alphabetical order):
  •  Scott Hoyle 
  •  Lori Pond 
  •  Terry Wild

Individual Image Merit Award (alphabetical order):
  •  Tony Corocher 
  •  Jane Szabo 
  •  Warren Zelman

Judges’ statement:

The images submitted by first place recipient, Yves Choquette,  are intriguing and keep the viewer returning for another look as they  present questions-not answers about the subjects. Photography does not  have to give us the entire story in one glimpse. The artistry and  technical perfectionism are revealed in the stunning portraits captured  by the second place recipient. Jodi Champagne’s ability to communicate the expressions of her subjects is enduring. The work of third place finalist, Chloe Meynier,  lends itself to such an appealing glimpse of a past era. Her use of  color and subject matter enhance the “retro” feel of the images.

In his “Pacific Wave” series Photographer Scott Hoyle gives us a glimpse of something common and makes it appear ethereal and  full of motion and depth. A sense of decadence and hedonism abound with  the photography of Lori Pond. The light touch of a surreal fairytale theme completes the images. The austere styling of Terry Wild’s portfolio provide the perfect balance between light, shadows and  angles. Minimalist photography on the surface may appear simple, but in  reality it can be complex.

Each photographer’s image presented with the Individual Image Merit Award shines. The striking contradictions in the photo by Tony Corocher leaves the viewer unsettled with questions. “Superman” by Jane Szabo address our inner qualities, desires and perhaps frailties. Warren Zelman poignantly and passionately brings attention to a distressing social issue.

Congratulations to the 2014 finalists and much appreciation to all participants!

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    TBMPN sends congratulations to all!

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