Alex Koddrip's 'K.Reatures - Battle with dichotomy' exhibition opens in Paris on April 3

March 12, 2014 /Photography News/ Press release

Alex Koddrip 
K.Reatures - Battle with dichotomy 

Opening 3 April 
Alex Koddrip will be present 

Opening Cocktail Reception 
Galerie Planète Rouge, Paris 

World Tour 
New York – Paris - Los Angeles – Tokyo – Zurich 

@Alex Koddrip

Galerie Planète Rouge 
from 3 to 12 Avril 2014 
25 Rue Duvivier 
75007 Paris 

This year, after a highly successful launch in New York City in October 2013, visual artist Alex Koddrip prepares to exhibit “K.Reatures—battle with dichotomy” in Paris, Los Angeles, Zurich and Tokyo. 

K.REATURES is a series of movie-like still imagery telling a story of a human battle with dichotomy. The characters in these artworks represent conflicting elements of human nature that coexist in each one of us, and they evolve through emotional life experiences with the ultimate purpose of “knowing thyself.” 

In subconscious of bright personalities lie dark spots of edgy fantasies. Equally, dangerous characters have spiritual light concealed within their defensive shells. 

Alex Koddrip explores the dark spots that lie at the edges of bright personalities. Also, dark characters conceal light within their own defensive shells. Forgiveness is the essential component to K.Reatures. It is what enables these characters to see their everlasting duality—respect its presence—and finally to accept the intrinsic asymmetry of human nature. 

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Here and now: black or white, good or bad, damaging or constructive, sober or drunk, artificial or authentic, sweet or bitter, cold or warm - it is all within us. Human behavior is not necessarily representative of what is happening deep inside our psychic. Society dictates certain norms of acceptable behavior, but who defines the norm, especially when it comes to individual freedom of self-expression? Morality and universally agreed upon ethics are crucial pillars of any well functioning civilization but when the light goes off and individuals go back to their secluded private habitat, when they take off masks of acceptable behavior and remove all clothes and accessories that portrayed a certain image of their inner selves during the day, - what is left?Who is the judge of what's accepted and what is not? 
Alex is emerging as a visual artist intended on dismantling societal clichés and exposing unique identities. His projects convey the complicated nature of the urban lifestyle using intentionally symbolic photographs. Alex finds inspiration in dissimilarities between and within mainstream and subcultures, the conflicting drives of the human subconscious, multi-layered thinking, increasing sophistication, eccentricity, intensity, and most of all - moderation. 

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