A glimpse into Old Europe on Europe Day

May 9, 2014 /Photography News/ On May 9, a day which 64 years ago marked the foundation of what is now the European Union, we invite you to enjoy this set of photos of Old Europe. The motifs of the photographs are mainly town views, ancient monuments and different kinds of buildings in rural or urban environments. Several of the photos are more than 100 years old while others are of a later date. Almost all the photographers are unknown.

Banya Bashi Mosque and minaret in Sofia, Bulgaria, unknown photographer, c. 1890. The mosque was built in 1576.
Kökar Church at Åland islands, Åland / Ahvenanmaa ( in the Baltic Sea), Finland, unknown photographer, c. 1890. The church at Kökar island was inaugurated in 1784.
Egeskov Castle at Funen island, Denmark. Photo taken in 1881 by Swedish architect Helgo Zettervall who restored the castle in the 1880s.
People outside a fortress in Patras, Greece, photographer unknown, c. 1890
Horse cabs at the Senate House to the left and Gonville and Caius College at Cambridge University in England, UK, photographer unknown, c.1890
Woman at standing stones - menhirs - at Kermario alignments in Carnac, Britanny, France, photographer unknown, c. 1880
St. Johannis Church in Ansbach, Bavaria, Germany, photographer unknown, c. 1890
Two women in the ruins of Padise medieval monastery in Estonia, photographer unknown, c. 1920
Tower of Charles Bridge (Karluv most) at the Lesser Quarter (Malá Strana) of Prague, Bohemia, the Czech Republic, photographer unknown, c. 1927

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