Getty Images photographer Scott Olson arrested in Ferguson

August 19, 2014 /Photography News/ Getty Images photographer Scott Olson was arrested Monday night during protests in Ferguson. 

In an Instagram video posted by journalist Amy K. Nelson, Olson said he was arrested because police "said the media is required to be in a certain area."

"Getty Images staff photographer Scott Olson was arrested this afternoon in Ferguson, Missouri, while on assignment documenting the events there," a statement from Pancho Bernasconi, vice president of news at Getty Images, reads. "We at Getty Images stand firmly behind our colleague Scott Olson and the right to report from Ferguson. Getty Images is working to support his release as soon as possible. We strongly object to his arrest and are committed to ensuring he is able to resume his important work of capturing some of the most iconic images of this news story."

Olson's arrest marks the second time that police have arrested journalists covering the Ferguson protests. Last week Ryan J Reilly of the Huffington Post and Wesley Lowery of the Washington Post were detained for several hours.

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  1. Anonymous says

    To me it seems like everyone in the world is working against each other, and our vital rights have
    been taken away. Our country has turned into a police state, and they make up the rules as they
    go along. Photographic documentation and journalism is the only way to capture what is really happening. Why do the police always have to take away our freedoms as citizens. I can only see this problem getting worse in the years to come, and deeply pray that their attitudes and conciousness will be adjusted in their sleep one night, and they will become compassionate beings. Do you think that is possible?

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