The fascinating technique that lets you capture sound waves on camera

February 25, 2017 /Photography News/ Did you ever wonder what different sounds look like? Thanks to the science behind the Schlieren Flow Visualization you can see and capture the differences in air pressure caused by various forces such as sound or heat.

So, how does it work?

Here is a graphic that depicts how we are able to photograph movement in the airwaves, thus creating sound waves, by using a a series of objects to reflect and divert the waves for the camera to be able to capture it.

How to photograph sound

This results in a photograph - like the one below - which shows the sound waves created by a pair of clapping hands.

The fascinating technique that lets you capture sound waves on camera explained

Check out the full video here, and tell us what sounds you'd most like to see in the comments box.

And here is how you can create your own DIY Schlieren Flow Visualization:

Want more information on the Schlieren photography technique? Check out the great resources below:


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