Photographer Spotlight: Joe Giron

Expert photographers say that the best pictures are those that show action. Subjects that run, eat, fight, and show anything else other than stillness have the potential to become part of a good photo. This is why it’s insanely difficult to find interesting shots inside casinos where most people, especially those at the poker tables, are so absorbed into what they’re doing. 

Joe Giron
Joe Giron is one of the professionals who took on the complexity of taking pictures inside casinos and succeeded. It is because of him and his dedication to perfecting his craft that people can enjoy casino images that show emotion and action. His job as a casino photographer can be compared to that of a wildlife enthusiast who waits for hours just to take a picture of a seal emerging from one of its breathing holes. When Joe is covering a poker tournament, he waits for players to make even the slightest move, or change in their facial expression, in order to have a picture that’s good enough for a magazine. 

“For me the essence is going beyond the basic poker-face photography and capturing images that tell a story about what these players are going through to become champions, or the dejection of getting so close and falling short,” said Joe. 

One of his favorites is Will Molson’s winning shot at the Caribbean Adventure High Roller. When Molson scored first place in the 2011 poker tournament, he stood up, ran towards his dad who was standing near the rails, and hugged him. That scene was pure emotion and bliss. 

So far, Joe has covered several major poker tournaments including World Poker Tour's 12th Season, several PokerStars events, and the World Series of Poker whose satellite events last year were managed by Betfair

Before beginning his stint as a poker photographer, Joe was involved in the music business for more than 20 years. He used to be the photographer for Pantera, and stayed with the band until Dime – the band’s then lead guitarist – died in ’04. 

Click here to view some of his work.


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