Google Photos shows you photos and videos from the past with the “Rediscover this day” feature

August 21, 2015 /Photography News/ Google Photos can already surprise you with animations and collages based on your own picture library. Now it’s learning a new trick: a new feature called “Rediscover this day” that resurfaces photos and videos from the current day, but in year’s past. 

This allows users to easy take a little trip down memory lane without having to put in any work. While revisiting old memories can often be fun and rewarding, other times you may want to avoid painful memory like ex’s or that time your cat died. That’s why Google is making this an opt-in feature, so if you’re interested, you’ll need to enable it in the settings.

The feature is not on by default. Users have to opt-in in order to see photos saved on the unlimited memory of the app.

If all this sounds familiar that’s because it is. Timehop rose to popularity by tapping into your social media accounts and serving up a little bit of of nostalgia every morning. Facebook tried the same this earlier this year with its own “On This Day” feature, which added old memories right into your News Feed.

The new feature is now available on Google Photos for iOS at and the web at, and is rolling out to Google Photos for Android at


  1. Jared says

    Very cool! Of all the images I take, very few make it onto Facebook, so this is much more useful to me, personally.

    Now, to figure out how to opt-in to turn it on.

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