Free online course: Commercial Photography - Still and Moving Image

November 14, 2015 /Photography News/ Develop your visual sensibility and get to grips with new forms of commercial photography, with this free online course.

Starts: January 11, 2016
Duration: 6 weeks, 3 hours pw
Certificates available

This free online course is designed to help current or aspiring commercial photographers develop their visual sensibility in support of a successful and sustainable practice; and get to grips with new media and moving image photography.

Understand why personal work is key to commercial photographic success

You will begin by looking at the importance of developing your visual sensibility through personal work, where you’re free to push boundaries, make mistakes, pursue your passions and hone your craft.

You’ll then find out how to create work that is new, exciting and individual in order to secure commissions – whether in advertising, fashion or editorial photography – and create commercial work that is new, exciting and individual. You’ll be encouraged to consider the complex interplay between individual approaches to practice and client-led work.

Explore the relationship between still and moving image photography

You’ll then explore the relationship between still and moving image in commercial photography, looking at how you can embrace emerging media and potential markets for your work.

You will examine the need for a coherent and consistent visual approach across both disciplines; the differences between narrative filmmaking and moving image photography; and the use of video, CGI, animation, illustration and mobile devices. We’ll also consider sound, as well as image, and the technicalities of using a camera to record.

Learn with expert academics and practising commercial photographers

Based on elements of the Photography courses at Norwich University of the Arts, the course will enable you to learn with expert academics, as well as leading commercial photographers, including Andy Earl and Tim Flach.


This course is aimed at people who are already working in commercial photography, either as photographers or assistants, and want to develop their skills.

The course would also be of interest to those wanting to work in, or wishing to learn more, about the world of commercial photography.


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