World of Windows Photography Competition Call for Entries


March 7, 2016 /Photography News/ To gaze at or through a window is to peer through a portal to the known and the unknown. Windows are also highly symbolic of the “other side” and perhaps the future. The world is revealed to us while looking outside a window from the inside. We may be stirred with excitement or cautioned by fear. Peering through a window from the outside to the inside makes us curious about what may be happening inside a building or dwelling. PictureCompete is seeking your best representation of the “World of Windows.”

• First Place: $250 (USD) Cash Prize
• Second Place: $100 (USD) Cash Prize
• Third Place: $75 (USD) Cash Prize

Winners will also receive:
• Winner's gallery exhibition
• Social media exposure
• PictureCompete™ newsletter exposure

Open to all individuals 18 years and older, worldwide.

Entry Fee:
$15.00 for up to four (4) images.

Deadline: March 31, 2016 Midnight (CST)

To view all current call for entries listed at Photography News, visit


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