2015 Nepal earthquake aftermath. A photo essay by Jan Møller Hansen

by Jan Møller Hansen 

Woman at home in Sindhupalchowk towards the Tibetan border. The family was now living in the truck. Sindhupalchowk, 6/6/15

November 7, 2016 /Photography News/ Nepal was hit by two strong earthquakes on April 25 and May 12, 2015, and during the following months by hundreds of aftershocks. 14 hilly and mountainous districts in the central northern parts of Nepal were heavily affected. Some 9000 people were killed and 22,000 injured. Half a million homes and buildings were destroyed or partly damaged. Many villages and living quarters were leveled to the ground. Many children were traumatised from the events. 

In the weeks and months after the earthquakes, families, neighbours and friends were helping each other to cope with the disaster. Moral and financial support was pouring in from abroad from donors, civil society organisations, the Nepali diaspora and private companies. Nepal received a lot of sympathy from the international community and private persons.

One and a half year after the devastating earthquakes many people have still not received the expected assistance from the Government of Nepal and other agencies. The humanitarian work and reconstruction were seriously delayed due to politics and bureaucracy and thousands of families have since been struggling in the affected districts. Much of the funding committed to the humanitarian work and reconstruction might never be used. Reconstruction has picked-up one year after the disaster, but there is still a long way to go before people and the lives are fully restored to normal.  

The images in the series are taken during the year that followed the earthquakes.

The trade town of Chautara in Sindhupalchowk, 16/5/15

Earthquake aftermath in Bhaktapur, 9/5/15

Villagers rebuilding their home in the remote village of Kerauja, which was completely destroyed by landslides trigged by the earthquake. Kerauja, 7/12/15
Traumatised earthquake survivor. Sindhupalchowk, 16/5/15
Girl living in a truck together with her family. Sindhupalchowk, 6/6/15
Kathmandu after the earthquake, 30/4/15
Buddhist monk praying for the deceased and the survivors of the earthquakes, Kathmandu, 20/6/15

About the photographer

Jan Møller Hansen is a self-taught and international award-winning photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He lived in Kathmandu, Nepal, from 2013 to 2016. He speaks Nepali and has in-depth knowledge about the Himalayan region. While living in Nepal, he photographed women, children and men living in slums, brick kiln workers, earthquake survivors and many others. He experienced both earthquakes in Nepal that happened on 25th April and 12th May 2015. 



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