Getty Images Calls for Entries for 2011 $30,000 Grants for Good Programme

February 18, 2011 /Photography News/  Getty Images announced that entries are now open for the 2011 Grants for Good programme. With the purpose of enabling the creative community to collaborate for the benefit of a nonprofit organisation, Getty Images Grants for Good will provide two grants of US$15,000 each to cover the costs of creating compelling new imagery that will further a nonprofit’s mission.

Created in 2009, the Getty Images Grants for Good were introduced to help nonprofits use the power of imagery to promote positive change in the world and help communicate their stories more effectively. In addition to the Grants for Good programme, Getty Images also offers editorial grants awarded each year at the Visa Pour l’Image photojournalism festival in Perpignan, France.

Deadline: Applications must be uploaded to the designated online entry site before midnight (GMT) on March 1st, 2011.


Individual photographers or filmmakers who are presently engaged in the business of creating and selling or licensing imagery, and marketing or advertising communications agencies or individual professionals who create communication campaigns for nonprofits are eligible to receive this grant. Contributors to Getty Images are eligible. Getty Images employees may not apply. The application must be submitted by the image maker. Agencies and nonprofit organizations may initiate a grant project, but the application must be submitted by the photographer or filmmaker with whom they wish to work.  Any party on a grant application may appear on only one grant application per year. 

Selection criteria:

Grants will be awarded by independent judges, invited by Getty Images based on his or her reputation and industry experience. Selection of grant winners will be based on judges’ determination of applicants’ ability to execute the submitted project with compelling visual narrative. Applications will be judged based on portfolio imagery that is very strong, technically and conceptually, and whose clear, concise proposals demonstrates a close collaboration with the creative communications agency and the nonprofit, to ensure that the new imagery meets the organization's strategic communications needs. Proposals should be very clear about how the imagery would be developed and about how the organization would use the images effectively.

How the imagery produced with the Grant for Good can be used:

The goal of this program is help nonprofits communicate more effectively to their supporters, to generate positive awareness for the philanthropic endeavors of photographers or filmmakers and creative agencies, while at the same time generating awareness for the non-profit partner. Therefore, the project imagery is intended to be used as follows:

·    The non-profit may use the images in their communications, with acknowledgement of the applicants, the Getty Images grant and with the appropriate photo/film credits.

·    The photographer or filmmaker retains the copyright and the right to use the imagery in their portfolio.

·    The communications agency is also able to showcase the project on their website, as well, with reference to the Getty Images grant that enabled it, and to the photographer or filmmaker.

·    Getty Images will have permission to showcase the project and imagery on its website and other communications, for the purpose of promoting the grants program.

Winners will be announced in June at the 2011 Cannes Advertising Festival. For further information on Getty Images’ grants programme, including previous recipients visit,


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