WHERE i’M AT Photo Contest

October 11, 2012 /Photography News/ Enter the American Tourister (= AT) "WHERE i'M AT" photo contest and enjoy one of the four free trips to the US valued at 4000 euro each! 

Entering the "WHERE i'M AT" photo contest is easy!
  • Upload your travel related photo on the AT's website
  • Fill out the title "i'M AT..." with the location where the photo was taken
  • Over the next five periods, AT will award one photo in each of the four categories with the highly coveted American Tourister badges
  • In total, 20 badges will be awarded. Improve your odds of winning that trip by uploading your best photos.
  • If you win a badge, you’ll have a one in five chance of winning a voucher that grants you a free trip to the US! 
20 creative and talented AT fans will win badges for their outstanding photos as we select 4 award winners over 5 periods. A jury of photographers will choose the 4 winners from the 20 finalists. If you win a badge, you’ll have a one in five chance of winning the free trip! Of course, the more pictures you upload, the better your odds of winning a badge. (A specific badge can only be won once per physical person.) American Tourister will put those 4 winners and their suitcases on a plane straight to the United States of America for a vacation valued at 4000 euro.


Every picture participates in a category of the entrant’s choice as follows:
  • Friendship
  • Peace of mind
  • Adrenalin
  • Nature
 Eligibility: Europe, 18+

Deadline: February 18, 2013, 12:00:00 CET


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