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Press Release

Exciting new food photo community launches, where members make money selling photos of their culinary creations.

December 17, 2014 London, UK /Photography News/ Freshly launched is a stunning food photography community that provides excellent money making potential for its members. Membership is free and users can earn a bit of extra money by selling their uploaded photos.

Accounts on FudPix are easy to set up and image uploads are approved within 24 hours, setting the site apart from many stock photography sites. Once photos have been approved, they are featured on the spectacular FudPix site, where other members can buy the licences to use them.

But wait – With its strong community ethos, FudPix is so much more than a marketplace. For food enthusiasts and pro-photographers alike, FudPix is a unique platform that allows users to rate, share and learn about food photography. FudPix is the real deal for foodies, professional photographers and everyone in between.

FudPix is destined to be a hit with food bloggers, food enthusiasts, photographers and anyone who enjoys sharing their culinary creations with the world. The potential for members to earn extra money and connect with other like-minded people will have foodies from all corners of the web flocking to upload their best food photos.

So spread the word about the finest food photo community around;

For all press enquiries, please contact:
Sam Marsden (

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Free online course: Improving your image - dental photography in practice

December 17, 2014 /Photography News/ Learn how to achieve consistent and excellent results in all aspects of dental photography.

Starts on January 5, 2015
Duration: 4 weeks, 5 hours/week
Certificates available
Educator: Mike Sharland

About the course:

This free course will cover all aspects of the use of digital photography in dental practice: intra-oral, extra-oral, and portraits. Participants will be taken through photography, from the basics of choosing correct equipment and setting it up, to optimum settings, techniques for consistent imaging and the safe storage of images.

The course is taught by the team that delivers the online masters degree course in Advanced General Dental Practice from the School of Dentistry at the University of Birmingham UK, and will involve about six hours per week of your time.


No previous knowledge is necessary, but there will be certain requirements in terms of equipment necessary to complete the course - particularly access to a digital SLR camera. Advice on choosing this will be given at the start of the course, but if you’re keen to get a head start, then you can download Equipment Recommendations (PDF, 232k).

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Photojournalist Luke Somers killed after a failed rescue attempt

December 6, 2014 /Photography News/ American photojournalist Luke Somers, who was held hostage by al Qaeda in Yemen since 2013, and had appeared in a video appealing for help earlier this week, was killed Saturday after a failed rescue attempt, his sister said.

Luke Somers' family appealed in a video to al-Qaeda militants in Yemen to "show mercy" and release him. "Luke is only a photojournalist and is not responsible for any actions the US government has taken," his brother said.

Lucy Somers said she learned of her brother's death from the FBI. "We ask that all of Luke's family members be allowed to mourn in peace," she said. Lucy Somers gave the comments to the Associated Press.

The Pentagon confirmed it launched an earlier failed raid to rescue him, and U.S. officials subsequently confirmed the British-born hostage's death.

Major-General Ali al-Ahmadi, head of Yemen's National Security Bureau, said the authorities had received information that the hostage was due to be killed by al-Qaeda at 6am on Saturday morning, prompting the rescue attempt.

Kidnappings of foreigners have lately been on the rise in Yemen, home to Al-Qaeda’s most active branch, according to Washington.

To counter AQAP, the US has been training Yemen's military on-the-ground and launching drone attacks on the militants.

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Al-Qaeda threatens to execute photographer Luke Somers

British-born photographer Luke Somers facing execution

December 4, 2014 /Photography News/ Al-Qaeda's affiliate in Yemen is threatening to kill British-born American citizen Luke Somers, who was kidnapped in Yemen in September 2013.  

The clip begins with a reading in Arabic from Nasser bin Ali al Ansi, an al Qaeda official. It  is aimed at the US government, and it gives Washington three days to meet several demands or "otherwise, the American hostage held by us will meet his inevitable fate".

Appearing in the video wearing Western style clothes Luke Somers pleaded for help:

"My name is Luke Somers. I'm 33 years old. I was born in England, but I carry American citizenship and have lived in America for most of my life. It's now been well over a year since I've been kidnapped in Sana'a. Basically, I'm looking for any help that can get me out of this situation. I'm certain that my life is in danger. So as I sit here now, I ask if anything can be done, please let it be done. Thank you very much."

The three-minute video also features Ansi speaking about American activity in Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq as well as recent air strikes in Syria.

Nasser bin Ali al Ansi, senior official in Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, spoke for two minutes and thirty seconds during the video where he threatened to kill Luke Somers within three days

The Somers video was made public eight days after the rescue of eight of the terrorist group’s hostages who were being held in the cave in eastern Yemen.

Luke Somers had been working in Yemen for several years before his kidnapping, including as an editor at several local English-language publications and as a respected freelance photographer.

An article about him this week in National Yemen, a local newspaper, said he was “known as the most active photojournalist at Change Square,” a reference to the main protest site during Yemen’s 2011 uprising against former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

IS has previously posted a series of videos online showing the separate murders of US journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, US aid worker Peter Kassig and two British aid workers, David Haines and Alan Henning.

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Let Robots Take Care of your Photos

December 3, 2014 /Photography News/ Do you like to share your photos on various online services? And what about uploading every single photo over and over again? I bet you’re not crazy about that, and neither is Tomas Hellebrand. Which is why he has come up with Robots for your Photos, a new service for photographers that takes care of the boring tasks: uploads photos into various photo servers and online galleries (such as Flickr, Facebook, 500px), publishes each photo at the best time so that it’s seen by the most viewers, and collects all feedback in one place.

“Though it aims for the global market, the service is Czech which is why I like the idea of using the originally Czech word ‘robot’ in the name of the service,” says Tomas Hellebrand. And robots are also mascots of the new service - they automatically connect to selected online platforms and determine the best time for the publishing of the photographs based on collected data and an algorithm. By collecting likes, favorites, and comments from all services, they provide an overall feedback and the photographer doesn’t have to check each service manually.

Robots for your Photos are still being developed. Currently, they are on a lookout for users who will test the service and, apart from improving the UX, will also help to train the algorithm.

Be one of the first to try! Subscribe at

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In photos: Winter sports in the 20th century

December 2, 2014 /Photography News/

Dutch skater Jaap Eden on the ice. Location unknown, 1890-1900. Coloured black and white photograph. Nationaal Archief / Spaarnestad Photo

Speed skating: Dutch skaters Lijkle Poepjes and B. van der Zee standing ready for the start of a skating race in Leeuwarden (the Netherlands), 1914. Nationaal Archief / Spaarnestad Photo / Het Leven

Ice-hockeying women in bathing suits. Minneapolis, USA, 1925. Nationaal Archief / Spaarnestad Photo

Pram on skis (sledge) on the ice, pushed by mom on skates. St. Moritz, Switzerland, 1926. Nationaal Archief / Spaarnestad Photo

"Skijoring": people on skis pulled by a horse, dogs or a motor vehicle. Location unknown, 1930. Nationaal Archief / Spaarnestad Photo

Bobsleigh. Team members of the five men sleigh keeping the sled in balance. Location unknown, 1931. Nationaal Archief / Spaarnestad Photo

Dutch boy with a pillow strapped on his backside in order to soften the falling on ice while skating. The Netherlands, 1933. Nationaal Archief / Spaarnestad Photo

Sleigh leaving ski-jump. Alexandra Palace, London, England, 1933. Nationaal Archief / Spaarnestad Photo

Bobsleigh, skeleton: lord Northesk in St. Moritz, Switzerland, 1935. Nationaal Archief / Spaarnestad Photo

'Ski-sailing', a new sport invented in Austria, demonstrated in St. Moritz, Switzerland, January 1938. Nationaal Archief / Het Leven / Spaarnestad Photo, SFA022003048

Skating arm in arm in traditional costume on Frisian skates (wooden skates) in Marken, the Netherlands. [1938]. Nationaal Archief / Spaarnestad Photo, SFA002002733

One can also learn to ski at home. Nationaal Archief / Het Leven / Spaarnestad Photo, SFA022002872

Winter sports in Tirol. Nationaal Archief

Fishing in a blue-hole in the ice. The Netherlands. Location and date unknown. Nationaal Archief / Spaarnestad Photo / J.J.M. de Jong, SFA002013372

All photos courtesy of the Nationaal Archief

About the Nationaal Archief of the Netherlands

The Nationaal Archief in The Hague preserves almost one thousand years of history, in the form of over 110 kilometres of archives, almost 300,000 maps and drawings and more than 2 million photos. The archives were created by the national government, but archives from private institutions and individuals are also preserved at the Nationaal Archief as interesting supplements to the government archives.

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Gone viral: The tearful hug across racial divides

Instagram | @chambersvisuals
I want to thank everyone who shared my photo today!!! You guys are playing a great role in spreading the message of hope and humanity as seen here in the photo of Sgt. Barnum and Devonte Hart. I also want to thank @theoregonian for being the first to publish my photo and writing the incredible story behind it. You guys are the best. I don't really use Twitter but now I have a reason to. Follow me on Twitter @chambersvisuals to stay updated! Tune into NBC Nightly News tonight at 6:30 EST. They're covering the photo and story as well! Spread love, Johnny.

November 30, 2014 /Photography News/ A 12-year-old black boy, tears streaming down his face, and a white police officer embrace in the middle of a Ferguson-related demonstration in Portland, Oregon. This is the picture we needed to see after a week of Ferguson-related riots and protests across the USA.

The boy, Devonte Hart, was holding a sign offering “Free Hugs” during a Tuesday protest over a grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson in the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Portland police Sgt. Bret Barnum approached Devonte, pointed to the sign and asked “Do I get one of those?” A question Hart answered with a tearful hug. 

Fortunately for those of us who need to have our faith in humanity restored on occasion, freelance photographer Jonny Nguyen was there with his camera.

More than 150,000 Facebook users shared the image hours after The Oregonian newspaper posted it on its website.

This is not the first time Hart has brought positive spirit to a tough situation. For those looking for more back story, his adopted mother, Jen Hart, shares their story at the blog Paper Trail.

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2014 PhotoPhilanthropy Activist Awards - less than one week left to enter

November 28, 2014 /Photography News/ The PhotoPhilanthropy Activist Awards identify outstanding work by photographers in collaboration with nonprofit organizations worldwide, with prizes ranging from $5,000-$15,000.

PhotoPhilanthropy believes in the power of photography to inspire hope and understanding and to connect people around the world. The Activist Awards have been established to emphasize the important role of high quality documentary photography and visual storytelling as a vehicle to create meaningful impact and social change.

Since the inception of the Activist Awards in 2009, PhotoPhilanthropy has received work from more than 600 photographers in 90 different countries in collaboration with more than 450 nonprofit organizations.

The contest is open to all professional and emerging photographers. Entrants must be at least 18 years of age as of the date of entry.

Categories and Prizes:
Photo essays must be entered into one of two categories:
  • Professional Photographer –  $15,000 Grand Prize: Any individual who earns the majority of their living from photography.
  • Emerging Photographer – $5,000 Grand Prize: Any individual who does not earn the majority of their income from photography.

PhotoPhilanthropy also offers a unique opportunity for submitting photographers to have their work considered for the Library of Congress’ permanent photography collection. (If you are interested, make sure to select ‘yes’ on the Library of Congress portion of the submission form.)

Deadline: December 3, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. US Pacific Standard Time (PST)

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2015 Aftermath Project Grant of $20,000

November 11, 2014 /Photography News/ The Aftermath Project’s mission is to support photographic projects that tell the other half of the story of conflict — the story of what it takes for individuals to learn to live again, to rebuild destroyed lives and homes, to restore civil societies, to address the lingering wounds of war while struggling to create new avenues for peace. 

Grant proposals should reflect an understanding of this mission. Proposals may relate to the aftermath of numerous kinds of conflict, not just international wars. The conflict may have been at the community level — for example, violence between rural ethnic groups or an urban riot in an industrialized country. It may have been a regional one, such as a rebel insurgency, or it may have been a full-scale war. There is no specific time frame that defines “aftermath,” although in general The Aftermath Project seeks to support stories which are no longer being covered by the mainstream media, or which have been ignored by the media. In general, conflict should be over for a situation to be deemed an “aftermath.” There are specific cases, however, where conflict may have continued for so long, or be the result of an aftermath situation, that they will be considered to be within the scope of The Aftermath Project. 

Proposals should include an explanation of the specific aftermath issues related to the project being proposed, as well as an overview of the applicant’s plans for covering the story during the course of the grant year — i.e, the proposed timing of trips, etc. You must inform The Aftermath Project if you have any commercial commitments or contracts related to the project you are proposing, including book deals and exhibitions. 

Your application must include:
1. A signed application form
2. A project proposal, not to exceed two pages
3. A portfolio of no more than 30 images, in jpg format
4. A caption sheet

Note about your portfolio: 
If you have not yet begun the project you are proposing, that’s fine! Please submit other images that shows your photographic and storytelling skills. If you have begun the project you are proposing, please include a selection of those images in your portfolio.

The Aftermath Project is open to working photographers world-wide who are interested in creating work that helps illumine aftermath issues, and encourages greater public understanding and discussion of these issues.

Deadline for applications: December 3, 2014

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Snap Photography Festival - 13th - 17th April 2015

Press release

A world class line up is announced as part of SNAP, the UK's first ever photography festival aimed at wedding and lifestyle photographers

Copyright © Alan Law
November 21, 2014 /Photography News/ The launch of today showcases the first ever festival of this kind in the UK.  Held at the beautiful Fforest resort, in West Wales. The festival will run to the same format as a music festival, but is designed as an immersive learning and creative development experience for more than 100 photographers from all over the world.  

Some of the world's most inspiring wedding photographers will be teaching alongside the UK's finest home grown talent, as well as photographers outside of the wedding genre.  

“I attended Photo Field Trip in the US earlier this year and found it hugely inspiring” says Laura Babb, Snap Photography Festival's founder.  “It was as far away from a corporate conference as you can get, with all of the teachers hanging out with the attendees, camp fires, parties and a completely unique, shared experience.  I knew I had to bring something similar to the UK.  As well as all of the amazing workshops and activities we're planning, we'll be having an epic closing party where campers can let off some steam before the start of the new wedding season”.  

Copyright © Conor MacNeill
To celebrate the launch of the website Snap Photography Festival has a number of offers and incentives available.

The first is an early bird discount combined with a donation to charity on behalf of the ticket purchaser:

They also have 6 opportunities to attend the festival on a free or discounted basis:

We are keen to hear from organisations who may wish to partner with us.  A range of sponsorship opportunities are available so please get in touch for a media pack. 

Copyright © Ross Harvey

Further information:

Speakers – Andria Lindquist, Alan Law, Andy Gaines, Cathy Haynes, Conor MacNeill, Dylan and Sara, Emma Case and Pete Smyth, India Hobson, Karl Grupe, Lomo Kev, Marianne Taylor, Paula O'Hara and Sam Hurd


Laura Babb

Alexandra Merri
Logistics Manager

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Remembering Mungo Ponton, Inventor of the Photoengraving Processes

Mungo Ponton
November 20, 2014 /Photography News/ Born 213 years ago today, on 20 November 1801, Mungo Ponton was a Scotish inventor who in created a method of permanent photography based on sodium dichromate.

In 1839, while experimenting with early photographic processes developed that year by William Henry Fox Talbot, Ponton discovered the light-sensitive quality of sodium dichromate. He presented his findings to the Society of Arts for Scotland, but did not attempt to patent the photographic process. However, he published his findings in the Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal. Others experimented with his discovery including Talbot, Edmund Becquerel, Alphonse Poitevin, and John Pouncey, all of whom patented their photographic techniques. Mungo Ponton's findings were vitally important to the development of photography, paving the way for nearly all the photomechanical processes that later came into standard use.

Mungo continued to work on photography and in 1845 the Society again awarded him a silver medal for his process for measuring the hourly variation in temperature of photographic paper. That year he also developed a variation on the calotype process to allow for shorter exposure times.

Mungo Ponton died on 3 August 1880.
Photographs of pollen. Plate O, from Mungo Ponton, The Beginning: Its When and Its How, 1871

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Life Framer Photography Prize | Edition 2

November 3, 2014 /Photography News/ A prestigious jury, 3 international exhibitions and $7000 in prizes…

Life Framer is an international photography prize designed to source and showcase outstanding photography from amateur, emerging and established photographers. Its aim is to bring exposure to talented photographers from all over the world: their talent, their art, their lives.

The first edition of the award was an overwhelming success, with 24 winning photographers discovered and showcased in exhibitions in London and Switzerland. Edition 2 builds on this success - more ambitious and truly global. 

Every month there is a call for entries with a new theme exploring Life. In it for the entrant is the chance to win some cash prizes, professional feedback and their image exhibited in London, Paris and Los Angeles. 


There is no rights grabbing. Photographers retain full and exclusive rights to their submitted work through and beyond the award. 


The judging panel is comprised of 12 world-renowned photographers and industry leader with a wealth of awards, experience and expertise to their names. They'll provide a critique of their favourite images, giving the winners valuable feedback from a top professional.

This month’s theme is ’Urban Life’: Urbanscapes, observational photography, accidental revelations, street encounters, city scenes... 

For submission and guidelines:

Submission deadline: 30th November 2014

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Remembering Mary Steen, Denmark's first female court photographer

Mary Steen, self-portrait 1889

October 28, 2014 /Photography News/ Born 158 years ago today, on 28 October 1856, Mary Dorothea Frederica Steen was a Danish photographer and feminist. In 1884, at the age of 28, she opened a studio in Copenhagen where she specialized in indoor photography, a difficult art at a time when electricity was not widespread. The photographs she took at the Flerons' house on Copenhagen's Vesterbrogade are among the first showing people inside their own homes. She later became Denmark's first female court photographer, working not only with the Danish royals but with the British royal family too. Around 1895, Princess Alexandra invited her to London where she photographed members of the royal family, including Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle. 

Photograph of Queen Victoria and Princess Beatrice inside Windsor Castle taken by Danish photographer Mary Steen in 1895
Mary Steen also played an important part in improving conditions for female workers and encouraging women to take up the profession of photography. In 1891, she was the first woman on the board of the Danish Photographers Association. She was also active in the Danish Women's Society (Dansk Kvindesamfund) where she sat on the board from 1889–1892. Together with Julie Laurberg, she photographed the leading figures in the Danish women's movement. In 1891, she received a grant from the Reiersenske Fond, a trade association, which allowed her to travel to Germany and Vienna.

She campaigned for better working conditions for women including eight days holiday and a half day off on Sundays. She treated her own staff well, paying good wages. Her example was widely followed.

As a result of growing deafness, she closed her studio in 1918. She died on 7 April 1939.

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128-Year-Old Photographs: The Statue of Liberty Under Construction

October 28, 2014 /Photography News128 years ago today, the Statue of Liberty was unveiled in New York Harbor, when France dedicated the monument to celebrate "the Alliance of the two Nations in achieving the Independence of the United States of America and attests their abiding friendship."

Here is a wonderful collection of photos showing the Statue of Liberty under construction:

Album de la construction de la Statue de la Liberté. 1883. Photographs by Albert Fernique (1841-1898)

Model of the Statue of Liberty. Fernique, Albert -- Photographer. 1883. Source: Album de la construction de la Statue de la Liberte. Repository: The New York Public Library. Photography Collection, Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs.
[Men in a workshop hammering sheets of copper for the construction of the Statue of Liberty.]. Fernique, Albert -- Photographer. 1883. Source: Album de la construction de la Statue de la Liberte. Repository: The New York Public Library. Photography Collection, Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs.
[Construction of the skeleton and plaster surface of the left arm and hand of the Statue of Liberty.]. Fernique, Albert -- Photographer. 1883. Source: Album de la construction de la Statue de la Liberte. Repository: The New York Public Library. Photography Collection, Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs.
Men at work at the construction of the Statue of Liberty. Fernique, Albert -- Photographer. 1883. Source: Album de la construction de la Statue de la Liberte. Repository: The New York Public Library. Photography Collection, Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs.
[View of the workshop, with models of the Statue of Liberty in the background.]. Fernique, Albert -- Photographer. 1883. Source: Album de la construction de la Statue de la Liberte. Repository: The New York Public Library. Photography Collection, Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs.
[Men in a workshop shaping sheets of copper for the construction of the Statue of Liberty.]. Fernique, Albert -- Photographer. 1883. Source: Album de la construction de la Statue de la Liberte. Repository: The New York Public Library. Photography Collection, Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs.
[Head of the Statue of Liberty on display in a park in Paris.]. Fernique, Albert -- Photographer. 1883. Source: Album de la construction de la Statue de la Liberte. Repository: The New York Public Library. Photography Collection, Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs.
[View of the external area of the workshop in Paris, showing construction materials, the head of the Statue of Liberty, and a group of men gathered in front of the left foot of the statue.]. Fernique, Albert -- Photographer. 1883. Source: Album de la construction de la Statue de la Liberte. Repository: The New York Public Library. Photography Collection, Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs.
[Assemblage of the Statue of Liberty in Paris, showing the bottom half of the statue erect under scaffolding, the head and torch at its feet.]. Fernique, Albert -- Photographer. 1883. Source: Album de la construction de la Statue de la Liberte. Repository: The New York Public Library. Photography Collection, Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs.
[Assemblage of the Statue of Liberty in Paris.] Fernique, Albert -- Photographer. 1883. Source: Album de la construction de la Statue de la Liberte. Repository: The New York Public Library. Photography Collection, Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs


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