National Geographic Great Migrations Photo Contest

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What does Great Migrations mean to you?


Born To Move
Race To Survive
Feast Or Famine
Need To breed

Prize: Canon EOS 550D


Great Migrations Photo Contest is only available in Singapore, The Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Middle East, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Each participant is allowed maximum of three entries only.

Deadline: November 30, 2010

Website: National Geographic Channel Asia on Facebook


  1. Sarah Schultz says

    Nice challenge for those living in the eligible countries!

    Anonymous says

    How do you determine the winner?

    Anonymous says

    Hey there guys! Can ya help me out, all I need is for you to like these 2 photos. That's all. It would really be a lot of help. PS: You can't like em without liking the national geographic asia fb home page(
    The photos are really great, here they are:

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