"Our Landscape: The Trees" photo contest - Call for entries

Photo: Laurie McCormick

May 18, 2013 /Photography News/ Our landscape is not complete without trees. Whether urban, suburban or rural, trees are the integral part of nature of this planet. They are sometimes taken for granted, and sometimes they are revered with awe. We cannot exist without trees. TBM invites you to submit images depicting the beauty, reverence and importance of this botanical gift. Color and/or black and white images will be accepted. Representations of trees of any shape, color, condition or species are welcomed.

First Place: $400 (USD) cash prize
Second Place: $200 (USD) cash prize
Third Place: $100 (USD) cash prize
Three (3) honorable mentions will also be chosen.

Copyright: All submitted images remain sole property of artist/photographer.

Entry Fee(s):
$20 (USD) for first 4 images
(Up to 8 image entries may be submitted for additional fees)
Color and/or Black and White images will be accepted.

Eligibility: Contest is open to all individuals 18 years and older, worldwide.

Entry Deadline: June 5, 2013 (11:59PM CST)

To view all current call for entries listed at Photography News:


  1. boots says

    Will you accept digitally altered images? size requirements? resolution requirements? How about file format requirements?

    thank you, terri

    TeraBella Media says

    Edited images post production are accepted.
    The size of the images should be no larger than 1200 pixels on the largest side. All layers should be flattened and have a jpg compression quality of 7 or 8. Images should be saved with a resolution of 72ppi. For more info:

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    Mod BBM Aku Saja says

    it is very beautiful

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