10 ways to upcycle vintage cameras

November 27, 2013 /Photography News/ How do you upcycle your old and broken cameras into something useful? Here are 10 great examples for your inspiration.

Vintage Upcycled Camera Lamp Chandelier
MITZY, the steampunk robot dog with an old camera eye
Vintage folding Kodak camera recycled into a table lamp
Recycled Kodak Brownie Camera Clock
Vintage camera iPhone dock
Recycled Camera Owl Lamp
Flower pot camera and lenses
Robot dog made from vintage Kodak Brownie camera, old jello molds, shoe horns and old bike light
Vintage Kodak Jiffy Six-20 Series II Camera Lamp
Brownie 5 Deluxe assemblage

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  1. Maurizio Polese says


    Anonymous says

    Keep it up. You're making my collection more valuable.

    Anonymous says

    seems like a waste.

    Anonymous says


    sofia koukoulioti says

    I don't know what to say

    Anonymous says

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    Anonymous says

    sorry university of life and existence

    Paul says

    Simply WOW!

    Anonymous says

    A creative way to turn a creator of art into a piece of art. Love it!

    Paolo says

    The cycle of life... Nothing dying, everything transforming... :)

    Jane J. says


    Marina Waddingham says

    Not liking this at all :(

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